Luxehills | Architecture Style


Jul 14, 2014
5+ design
Chengdu, China
6.1 hectares
Mixed use

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Luxehills is an exclusive master-planned community built in the verdant foothills outside Chengdu in southwestern China.

Inspired by the modern Mediterranean-style neighborhoods of Southern California as well as the ancient hill towns of Italy that inspired those, it features charming detached homes and courtyard villas with schools, stores, restaurants and day-to-day services only minutes away.

Amenities such as an 18-hole golf course, seven tennis courts, and indoor and outdoor swimming pools have made Luxehills not only a desirable place to live and work but also a popular place to visit.

In the north central part of the development, 5+design designed Luxehills’ dynamic town center. Shops, cafes and galleries line a series of winding streets, stairs and ramps leading from a placid lagoon to the top of the hill, where a lushly landscaped plaza affords breathtaking views and open space for live entertainment.

Materials such as local stone, stucco and tile are used to create a sense of rustic authenticity. And the architecture, organized in an organic fashion, is, like the historic hill towns of Tuscany, allowed to follow the natural contours of the land.